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    We provide annual audits of statutory accounts and other financial statements.

    What We Do

    Our processes are tailored to our client’s specific circumstances and requirements.

    We are committed to providing the right people for the job. Team members are selected for their professional ability, expertise and practical industry experience. This allows us to better understand, and discuss, how its risks, critical success factors, the market environment and the industry within which it operates affect the financial performance of an organization.

    We consider regular communication with management to be of fundamental and paramount importance throughout the course of our audit. In addition, all aspects of our assignments are supervised at partner level. This enhances the benefits of our audit process and ensures a high level; quality service is delivered at all times.

    All this ensures you get better value for your audit dollar by helping you to achieve your goals through superior performance measurement, enhanced processes and better risk management.

    Make the Intelligent Choice. Ask us about our Intelligent Audit Solutions.

    External Audit

    UHY Bain & Associates considers the conduct of an external audit to be more than merely meeting statutory requirements.

    In our experience, the audit function is often viewed as a compliance process and unavoidable. Clients do not realize that being audited provides them with the perfect opportunity to gain an experienced opinion about their organization and its future development.

    Whilst conducting the audit, auditors develop a unique understanding and insight into their client’s operations. This, together with the training, experience and industry knowledge at their disposal, means the auditor is the ideal person to consult for organizational, system and other improvements.

    Internal Audit

    Today’s business world exists in an environment of rapid change.

    Many businesses are affected by a range of associated and increasingly complex risks because of this change.

    UHY Bain & Associates’ internal audit process includes a full risk assessment of an organization’s operations including financial and non-financial risk. This is in addition to the traditional transaction-based internal audit procedures.

    The focus on risks helps to ensure the most efficient use of scarce resources by targeting the audit function to the areas most critical to the success of an organization.

    When conducted in this manner, the internal audit can be instrumental in assessing and managing the strategic risks to your organization, as well as helping to identify opportunities for operational improvement.

    By making an intelligent choice to properly assess and analyze the risks faced by your organization you will be better prepared for, and able to take advantage of, future challenges.

    Ask us how internal audit can help provide an Intelligent Solution to your organization.

    Compliance Audit

    For many organizations, statutory requirements are a fact of life. In many cases, managing normal operations leaves little scope for the review mechanisms required to help ensure that the entity complies with the many statutory requirements.

    At UHY Bain & Associates, our team of dedicated staff has a wealth of experience dealing with organizations and their need to comply with a whole raft of differing statutory requirements.

    This experience has been gathered in both the public and private sectors across the complete range of industry types.

    We are able to offer this expertise to help you ensure the compliance issues specific to your organization are adequately addressed.

    Call us to find out how the intelligent solutions we are able to provide will help you meet your statutory obligations.

    Risk Assessment

    Today, all organizations operate in a highly complex environment of cultural, technological and statutory change. In addition, they are under constant pressure to improve results.

    Consequently, some outcomes are achieved at the expense of others. This does not necessarily contribute to the overall value of the business. In fact, over time, value is eroded!

    In order to manage this complex environment properly, business leaders need to know the risks they face. Risks faced in achieving objectives cannot be minimized unless they are first identified.

    Risk assessment is the task of identifying these risks.

    A thorough risk assessment should not only identify risks. It must also facilitate the implementation of practical strategies to manage and overcome them.

    Performed properly, risk management helps enhance the value of the business, as it becomes part of the culture and process of an organization.

    The UHY Bain & Associates team has a wealth of experience that will help your organization assess and find intelligent solutions to the risks that affect its results and value.

    UHY Bain & Associates can help build an appropriate risk management strategy and provide your organization with Intelligent Risk Management Solutions. Make the Intelligent Choice! Contact us now.