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    Drawing upon our specialist skills in all other areas of our practice,

    we provide the buyer with the tools, analysis and knowledge they need to make informed decisions in a business deal by validating the financial, commercial and operational information provided by the vendor. Our financial due diligence also gives each buyer a superior understanding of the target, identifying critical success factors as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the business before
    they buy.

    Management buyouts

    An important aspect of selling your business can possibly be by way of a management buyout. Often involving secondary financial backing, we can help you assess the best method to obtain this finance without being preyed on by industry sharks. Quite often we see cases like these, where the financier takes an equity stake in the business. We can help you achieve this assignment and satisfy financiers and protect your investment. We also understand the transaction is often prompted by the seller of the business so we ensure the seller is fully aware of the impact the matter will have on the buyer. We pride ourselves in conducting these processes with transparency and precision.

    Business sale/purchase

    We help you, as the seller, ascertain a suitable and profitable selling value with the appropriate proceedings involved in the transaction. We also offer expert guidance and valuations when purchasing a business. We aim to make these transactions smooth and effortless and strive to achieve a valuable outcome for you.