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We can work with you to provide quality and reliable litigation support in the following areas:

  • Economic loss

  • Business disputes

  • Fraud

  • Family law cases

Whether the issue is complex or minor, the information we prepare and present on your behalf is dependable and extensive. It is also of a nature that may be used in negotiations and can be relied upon in court.

Family law valuations

At UHY Bain & Associates, we have a strong record in this area and can add value to the familylaw property settlement process, utilizing our systematic and transparent valuation methods.

Again, we value a practical and hands-on approach to conducting these valuations and employ our thorough knowledge of the challenges that small and medium businesses face.

Economic loss calculations

The need for a qualified external party to determine the extent of a loss internally is essential to provide a thorough assessment of the loss, enabling the report to be scrupulous enough to be presented at court. UHY Bain & Associates proficiency and experience in this area in The Bahamas speaks for itself. We are among the best and can offer more to the process with our experience in providing unique, effective solutions to our clients.

Dispute resolution

UHY Bain & Associates’ knowledge and experience have resulted in many successful dispute resolutions. We see our role as purely facilitator not adversarial. Our success strategy involves looking at the big picture in dispute, leading us to the best possible result for all parties involved.

Should a dispute resolution lead to a valuation, we can also execute this efficiently and effectively.

Fraud investigations

Fraud can be immensely damaging to any business and understanding fraud, and its associated risks are fundamental when building deliverable business strategy. Managing the higher risk areas of the business can help ensure potential fraudulent activity is prevented, and risks are adequately managed.

UHY Bain & Associates forensic team can help your business management to rigorously evaluate and investigate suspicions, drastically improve recoveries, and provide suitable evidence. Our biggest aim is to reduce the likelihood of monetary loss and other non-financial factors including tarnished reputations, poor staff morale, impaired customer and supplier relationships, and nonproductive expenditure of management time and effort.

UHY Bain & Associates’ forensic team, supported by UHY International, is equipped with the global intelligence network and specialists to deal with such occurrences.

We can conduct the following investigations:

  • Financial
  • Corporate
  • Fraud

  • Misconduct
  • Financial services

Forensic accounting

UHY Bain & Associates conduct experienced and methodical accounting investigations, dispute resolutions and regulatory assignments about collected, stored, and manipulated information. Our dedicated team of specialists collects, analyze, and interpret data, in a wide range of areas including:

  • Data recovery
  • Data interrogation
  • Technology investigations
  • Evidence collection and analysis

  • Fraud and corruption risk management
  • Fraud control methodology
  • Public sector fraud and corruption control
  • Commercial intelligence