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    Decisions are made to acquire, sell or merge businesses every day.

    Along with these decisions comes the need for a thorough investigation of the potential risks and benefits.

    Many individuals and organizations making these decisions are not necessarily aware of the potential risks or benefits involved in the transaction.

    The combined experience of UHY Bain & Associates’ assurance, advisory and tax service divisions, gained across a wide range of industry sectors, provides us with the knowledge and skill necessary to investigate the business in order to identify such factors.

    This places us in a strong position to assist those wishing to acquire, sell or merge a business.

    Our due diligence and business review process helps you maximize the benefits and identify the risks in an efficient and effective manner.

    It can include (but is not limited to) a review of:

    • The quality of earnings and cash flow;
    • The reliability of financial information;
    • Liabilities and potential liabilities;
    • Accounting systems and controls;
    • Business and industry risks;
    • Key operational processes and critical success factors;
    • Tax implications, risks and opportunities;
    • Business synergy and cost saving opportunities;
    • Management and human resource issues; and
    • Future working capital requirements.

    Once the transaction is complete, UHY Bain & Associates has a myriad of other intelligent solutions to help you assess, integrate, improve and innovate. Ask us how we can help.